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Launching in 2018!

About Us

HitPartner is a mobile application that connects competitive tennis players with high level hitting partners that played at the college level and above.

Our Mission

Improve the Tennis experience via our mobile application thus assuring that the best players make it to the highest level of Tennis competition…. the Pros.

How it works

The Problem

In order to improve your game you need to practice and play more often. Therefore, active players from amateur level to juniors and even your local club tennis players in pursuit of improving their game, need to play/practice with better skilled tennis players. Finding these players (hitting partners) can be difficult if not impossible.

As a way to have supplemental income skilled players at the college/semi pro level can become hitting partners to help lesser skilled players improve and also keep themselves in tip top shape. While generating income to fund their training.

The Solution

HitPartner will solve this by creating a site/app that serves as a conduit to connect players (customers) with hitting partner(s) (service provider). Makes it easier for parents and younger players to find high level hitting partners.

This also solves problem for high level college players/former players. Now they can gain additional income while doing something they are good at on their own time.

An additional solution Hitpartner will feature is also to locate the nearest courts/ clubs according to the hitting partners location.

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